About Us

Common Sense Group 

Common Sense Group started in 2022 by a group of guys that wanted to see more Common Sense in the firearms industry. We are here to provide the best service, best prices, and just be overall good guys promoting Common Sense. 

Kurtis Johnson

By day Kurtis is a Corporate Chef, but has been involved with firearms and the 2A community for over 15 years. Kurtis has always dreamed of being able to share his passion of the firearms world with everyone and to help the common person feel comfortable. Kurtis’s corporate background sets him up to oversee the day to day operations of group. 

Zach De Rosa

Zach is current active duty Navy who brings a ton of knowledge and passion to the team. Not only is Zach a 2A supporter he is a musician as well. With Zach’s music background he is the forefront of our social media presence and leads the creative portion of the team.  

Common Sense Group

Common Sense isn’t Common