Energetic Armament PEAK 30

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For a cost effective option to the VOX and ARX line, the new Peak line offers weight-efficient silencers for those shooters that don’t require the extreme temperature and cartridge energy ratings of Energetic Armament’s initial silencers. However, you still get what you want: the weight, durability, modularity and efficiency engineered into every Energetic Arms suppressor.

The core of the Peak 30 is a 5 baffle design laser-welded from 17-4PH stainless steel and heat treated to the H900 condition.
The baffles feature a tapered leading edge and porting that optimizes suppression and back pressure for both super and subsonic rounds.

The core and all parts of the Peak 30 are black nitride finished. The nitride process chemically changes the outside layer of the steel, greatly increasing its hardness while keeping the core tough.

Rated up to 300WM with no barrel length restrictions under 1,000° F.

It is full auto rated (5.56/308/300BLK) for limited firing schedules.

Includes 5/8×24 Direct Thread

Unless you are wanting to literally burn cans down, this silencer will handle most anything you can throw at it.

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