Holosun SCRS Solar Charging Rifle Sight Red Dot Red Multi-Reticle Dot 22mm


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The SCRS (Solar Charging Rifle Sight) advances Holosun’s SCS technology creating an all-new, ultra compact 20mm tube sight designed for rifle applications. SCRS features multi-directional light sensors and an advanced Auto Mode for automatic reticle intensity settings and Manual Mode for manual control of dot intensity. SCRS is made from 7075 aluminum and utilizes Holosun’s 509T footprint for compatibility with thirdparty offset RDS mounts. The M.R.S. reticle gives the user the flexibility to use their optic as they need it. Units with this feature allow the user to turn on or off certain sections of the reticle giving the ability to have the ideal reticle for the job at hand. User chooses 65 MOA Circle & 2 MOA Dot or just 2 MOA Dot or just 65 MOA Circle.

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