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Our take: The biggest leap in silencer technology and design in a long time. 3D printing is becoming more common, but that is not what makes HUXWRX silencers different. If you are a high round count type of shooter, or you just don’t like gassy guns, you should seriously consider getting or up grading to a HUXWRX can. They have a patented FLOW though design that is unique in the silencer industry. This design creates channels, similar to veins, that move gases through out the silencer creating tremendous amounts of surface area and drag that slows the gases down and expels them out of the front of the silencer. This is a major win from the lack of back pressure created that typically gets sent back into the rifle, and ultimately, in your face. Avoid costly charging handles, bolt carrier groups and adjustable gas blocks. It is available in black and FDE. If they’re any questions about durability it has passed the SOCOM Reliability Stress Test Firing Schedule a minimum of 6 times.

HUXWRX: An innovative multi-caliber suppressor with patented and proven Flow-Through® and Torque Lock® technology. It is designed to reduce signature without negatively impacting cycling or service life. The FLOW 556k is DMLS printed in 17-4 Stainless. It delivers superior toxic fume exposure mitigation, flash reduction, sound reduction, recoil reduction, accuracy, and repeatability by its unique Flow-Through® helical coil and core deflector design. It is full-auto rated and compatible on 5.56, 17 HMR, and 5.7 platforms. The integrated flash cap geometry effectively mitigates flash as part of its overall signature reduction funtionality.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 556 and Flash Hider-QD 556.


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